I Need Your Help – Q&A

One of the reasons I haven’t uploaded much this year, despite my desire to write more this year, well I haven’t had many new stories to share with in regards to architecture school. This blog has largely been about writing about my own experiences, typically as they happen, but when you’re only doing two planning elective subjects of an evening… Well let’s say it’s not the same as doing a studio project. So I’ve decided to trial something, to turn this blog from a one-way street to a conversation, and if the last three characters in the heading doesn’t say it clear enough, I want to start a ‘Questions and Answers’ segment.

The thing about a Questions and Answers segment is it relies heavily on you, the readers, to ask questions. Without your questions, I can’t share my answers, so I need your help. I need you to fill out the form before with your question/s and then I’ll write a blog post addressing the question/s. What kind of question/s can you ask? Well anything! I mean ideally they revolve around architecture school, but if there is something you need or want to know then send my way.

I should also be upfront, if you want to ask me a question keep in mind that I have not been an A+ student, in fact my current average sits around 76% or so for my masters. So asking me to help explain the physics calculations for your structures subject won’t go so well, because I probably won’t know anymore than you. Also keep in mind also that my answers will largely come from my own personal experiences, so they may differ from someone else.

So if you want to submit a question, fill out the question below. If you want your first name to be anonymous, just write that in the field, I just prefer a name so it’s more personal but I totally get why you might not want to share it. If you’re a prospective student, mention that in the ‘what year level are you in’ field. Why do I want to know what university, city or country you’re from? Two reasons, one I’m curious as to where my readers are from, and secondly it could affect the answer as each uni, city and/or country is different.

Hope to hear some questions from you!

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