And That’s the End of that Chapter

Just a quick blog post today, as I just wanted to share with you that I had just submitted my final assignment a few hours ago, ever*. Of course I still need to put the * in there as I don’t find my out results until early-July, and as you may know I’ve failed subjects in the past so it isn’t a guarantee. I texted a mate the next and he asked how it felt, and truthfully I don’t think it has fully sunk in. The submission wasn’t this huge assignment I was stressing and working on for a few weeks, nor was it a studio. Instead my final assignment was a reflective review/essay of the subject, 1,000 words, and it isn’t technically due until tomorrow at 4pm. I thought I’d submit it early because I was finished and I don’t think spending a day tweaking would help, but what I’m getting at is it was a rather lack-luster submission. If my final assignment was the literature review I did last weekend, then I think there’d be a different feeling.

I’ll do a longer post at a later date, but for now I did want to share the news with you. I do want to give you a heads up, my graduation is at the end of July, which after I am no longer considered an architecture student. That means I only have a couple months left, and then this blog will finish. However over the coming months I am looking to build the ‘sequel’, you might call it that. I’ll announce everything on the blog, so if you are a reader and want to continue on this journey with me, keep an eye out.

I do just want to quickly say thank you to everyone who has been along on this journey with me through architecture school. I wrote my first post back in February 2014, 4 years ago! Back when I was a clueless second-year architecture student. Now, I am close to being a clueless architecture graduate!

And as Homer Simpson would say;

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