My New Job

Last week I sat on a panel to talk about my experience with an old subject at uni, Architecture Practice. I sat in between two practicing architects, and there was another practicing architect (who was also my Studio C tutor), and they spoke about their journey to becoming a registered architect. When Peter Raisbeck asked if I plan on registering in the future, I said quite strongly “Nope”. The reason for that, and what I hoped I communicated at the panel, there’s more to architecture than being an architect.

A couple years ago I had a very narrow view, in that if you are studying architecture you either have ‘architect’ or ‘professor’ as your future, in one capacity or another. In fact one of my “plans” was to work as an architect and teach a studio. However over time I slowly began to learn there’s a lot more I could do, and when I had my little crisis realising I don’t actually have to be an architect helped in easing everything. There was one area of architecture though which sparked my interest a few years ago, and has continued to grow ever since, and that’s architectural media. And this interest in media basically got sparked by this very blog.

I started this blog back in 2014 purely as a way to just write about architecture school and although I started off writing about my crits, it has since evolved to a point where I’m getting emails from students across the world, I have architects that know me as That Architecture Student. I have had some great opportunities because of this blog, but never did I think it would lead me to this desk I’m writing this post from. Which brings me to the title of this blog post, my new job.

During thesis I got a private direct message tweet from Michael, or also known as The Red+Black Architect, who asked if I was interested in an archi-adjacent job and wanted to introduce me to someone. Those words sparked my interest, as after concluding that ‘architect’ was no longer a dream, I had aspirations of trying to break into something else, however I didn’t know for sure that what looked like. We then arranged a time to have a coffee catch-up but I still had no idea what it was, or what to expect, so I gave Michael a call for him to give me the low-down. Turns out the job was in architectural media. I had the meeting, which went great, and over the course of a few months we had a couple more meetings. Then what seemed to be all of a sudden, there were contracts and a desk ready for my start date.

I now work as the Content Coordinator for the Built Environment Channel, which is a new digital screen network for distributing content relating to architecture, landscape architecture, planning, engineering, urban design, planning, etc. I’m really excited to be working for the Built Environment Channel, and feel as though I’ll be more immersed as ever before in architecture and the broader built environment. It’s going to challenge me in ways I’ve never experienced before, and will be learning a whole new industry in architectural media.

I won’t go too deep into the specifics and everything just yet, although if you do want to see what it is I’m up to you can visit the Built Environment Channel’s website, their Instagram and Twitter, as well as my personal Instagram as I begin to share more of what I’m up to. No doubt I’ll write a few more blog posts about this experience. I guess my leaving thought for this post, as architecture students we develop a broad range of skills and knowledge, there’s no reason why we have to solely use it for architecture practice.

One thought on “My New Job

  1. Woah this is great!! I am currently trying to also figure out what I really want to do because after graduating architecture, I really don’t see myself being an ‘architect’ for the rest of my life! Having this ‘new’ perspective is giving me more options in life!!! Thank you for this!! I hope to meet you one day and talk about archi life!!


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